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New Software and Hardware Documentation Release!

November 27, 2023

Evolution Defense is our latest software release available on our 9-Series platform including support for the all new REVOLUTION 450mp (man portable) SDR (Software Defined Radio).

Evolution Defense 4.6 brings increased security and resiliency to the 9-Series with TRANSEC V4 and anti-jam technology utilizing Communication Signal Interference Removal (CSIR™) technology. Evolution also delivers NMS enhancements with Certificate Signing Request (CSR) usability and an improved user experience in the remote terminal WUI.

This is a full feature, hub and remote side release, with upgrade paths supported from iDX 4.4.x and iDX 4.2.x. Please contact the TAC if you wish to schedule an Install or Upgrade service or have additional questions about this software and hardware release. 

The 450mp SDR Modem is our first custom multi-orbit and multi-waveform software defined radio (SDR) modem. This modem features an innovative three board modular design: Compute (Digital) module, Radio (RF) module, and Carrier Board (optional). The modular design allows integrators to build their own carrier board, allowing for maximum flexibility in terminal design.

The 450mp is only available with Evolution